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Sit with shamans in a sacred circle. Climb the stone steps of Machu Picchu to watch in silent reverence as the sun rises over one of the wonders of the world. Wander the quaint cobblestone streets of Colonial Cuzco. Ride the famous mountain train. Dine on farm-to-table Peruvian Cuisine. Jump in a spontaneous soccer game with local village children. Open your heart. Make new friends. Explore. Relax. Laugh. Play. 


There is something truly magical about Peru that just seeps into your being and changes you forever. There is a palpable, sacred energy that you feel the second you step off the plane… An energy that builds with you each day of the journey, sending you home refreshed, open, and feeling alive!




Jesse Gros Headsot

Sacred Peru Retreat  

Join us for an adventures of a lifetime.

June 1 - 9, 2024

Registration is now OPEN!




What about the inner journey?

Our clients return from this adventure with hearts wide open, feeling deeply connected to the group, to themselves and inspired to make new choices in their life. They report that their experiences with us create a lasting impact that informs their lives in deep, meaningful ways.


With a decade of coaching, leading retreats, and personal growth experience, I have carefully designed the inner journey to be thoughtfully woven into the natural flow of the trip, utilizing the amazing healing container that is Peru, for our upliftment and revelation.

When your soul aches

“When I want to go sightseeing, I book a trip online; when I know my soul is aching for a deeper and more meaningful experience… to open my heart and gain clarity in aspects of my life, I travel with Jesse. He has a unique way of integrating travel, sacred community, personal growth and vibrant camaraderie on his adventures. I have been to both Peru and Nepal with Jesse. Each time, I returned home with lifelong friends and a shift in my being that I know will last a lifetime.”

 -Blair Souder

inner journey
Sacred Circle



Open your heart and elevate your spirit during our sacred circle gatherings. Connect deeply with the group; heal your mind, body, and soul through powerful Breathwork sessions. Full of laughter, tears, intimacy, and connection these gatherings are an unforgettable part of the journey and cornerstone of an Insight Adventure.


Experience an authentic connection to the rich Inca culture and it’s people.


Our retreat is crafted to give you an authentic experience of Peruvian culture, rituals and history. Visit a remote village and see how the mountain farmers live off of the land. Feel the sincerity and depth of the people as we join a sacred Despacho (offering) Ceremony with a local shaman and his wife. Cleanse your body and mind.  Release fear in an authentic Temazcal Sweat Lodge Ceremony.


Over the last decade we have cultivated relationships with the local people and we support locally owned businesses when ever possible. Experience an authentic connection to the rich Inca culture and magic of the land. Our retreat is crafted to give you an authentic experience of Peruvian culture, rituals and history. Visit a remote village, join a sacred Despacho (offering) Ceremony with a local shaman and release fear in the Temazcal Sweat Lodge Ceremony.



Wake up your body, feed your senses, and feel alive!


Hike stunning single-track trails high above Inca ruins. Soar though the sky on 7, thrilling zip-line cables in the Sacred Valley. Take a refreshing dip at the local waterfall. Climb on the famous stone stairs of Machu Picchu or test your endurance with an optional hike to the mysterious Temple of the Moon.



Our retreat center is nestled in the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas; with stunning views of the mountains and a local waterfall, only a short walk away. Walk through the manicured gardens or rest in a hammock and doze off to the sound of running water flowing through the property.



Throughout the trip you will be give free time to journal, rest or explore the local markets and cultural spaces at your own pace.


Raw Beauty

"Raw and real beauty was absolutely everywhere – in the place, in the people, in the journey. Magical walks under the stars, wooden flute sounds, running water, glorious landscapes, quiet evenings by a fireplace, hearty laughter, spontaneous sharing. If Machu Picchu at sunrise was the ultimate experience (and I assure you it was!) then the penultimate was a soft and gentle walk through a field of gold to the temple of the moon, and a private garden sanctuary for our final sacred circle. The quiet hike to ancient ruins on a hot day where people were sparse, made us feel like the only ones living in a quiet paradise… where Pacha Mama was speaking directly to us. In my long list of trips around this world, this was THE trip to set the benchmark for all others. I am forever changed, connected, transformed and opened."

-Terri Jordan


Not all who wander are lost…

"I am months away from my 60th birthday. I travel to find myself. I keep traveling to find my new selves that come forward every few years. I am not, by nature, athletic nor outdoorsy. I knew that my heart and soul was up for the inner journey and that my body was game for the outer.


On the way up to our sunrise meditation at Machu Picchu, I found myself struggling with the stone stairs “of unusual size” and saying out loud, “I am the old lady going too slow.” Our co-leader challenged me. He said, “I see a beautiful lady who is fully present.” This caused an energetic shift that lifted me up the steps with renewed confidence and intention.

Throughout the trip, I was loved and supported to take care of myself when I chose to opt out of more hardy climbs and the zip-line. The inner journey was no less impeccable: Breathwork, yoga, journaling, deeply meaningful discussions, deeply satisfying belly laughs. Exactly what my inner doctor ordered. And, of course, I found myself, this 60-year-old self, again and for the first time."

- Mary Scarlett


Indulge in an amazing massage from gifted and intuitive bodyworkers. Relax in the newly built infrared sauna. Heal your nervous system with a sound bath from Ignacio Rodriguez, a world-class medicine musician. Walk the gardens of the retreat center, sit by the stream or take a nap in one of the many hammocks, grass areas or crystal-lined healing malocas on the property.

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An Insight Adventures™ is not a tour, nor is it a retreat, but a carefully curated inner and outer journey that rides on the energy of the group and the local environment. We seek co-create an experience of flow, grace, and ease, constantly adjusting the experience to adapt to the natural rhythm that our inner and outer journey takes us. We send you home, feeling full, restored and rejuvenated.


Our guests have repeatedly given us a 10 out of 10 for our balance of touristic exploration, inner work, cultural immersion and free time.



One of Insight Adventure’s core values is family. We eat, travel, play and heal together. Fostering intimacy and trust in the group is our most important value and it shows. Lasting friendships, conscious connections and lots of laughter are the hallmarks of this retreat.

Soft eyes...

"After returning from Peru, I find myself in a deep longing for our magical place of connection. I miss you all as individuals for your unique beauty, and for the magic we created together. I miss the natural breathing of life we did together – the inhale of experience, the exhale of our judgments, stress and upsets. I miss your soft eyes, your smiles… and the way we showed up for each other. I loved how we moved through our days, how we each would do the activities that supported our own self-care, while also connecting as a community in huge doses. There was such a natural ebb and flow with the group… it was nothing short of magical."

– Emily Graham



Nourish yourself with wholesome, farm-to-table Peruvian vegetarian and vegan dishes. Wander the vegetable gardens and taste fresh local produce.


Dine out and taste the flavors of Peruvian-Fusion at restaurants in Aguas Calients and Cuzco. One of the first countries to ban GMO crops, the food in Peru is straight from the land and delicious.


For those that are called, you will have an opportunity to join local shamans for an all-day Medicine Circle.

To learn more about this sacred circle, contact us.

Medicine Journey


Journey to a small, remote village to help construct life-saving, low smoke, indoor ovens. Smoke inhalation is a big problem in mountain communities. These simple, yet effective ovens make a huge difference in the lives of the families who receive them.


Work side by side with local families, fostering mutual trust and camaraderie. Experience rural mountain life in a way few travelers get to. For many, this day is the highlight of the trip and a source of deep personal inspiration to spend more time in service and contribution.



From our Boutique hotel nestled in the cobble stone streets of San Blas, Cuzco, to our cozy retreat accommodations in the sacred valley, to the comfort of a modern hotel with amazing hot showers in Aguas Calientes, all of our accommodations have been chosen for their unique character, high levels of service and beautiful location.

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* All rooms are double occupancy in most cases. 

* Single occupancy may be available at an extra cost; the price difference will be applied to the current program price.  

* Inquire about current pricing. Contact Us.



Hold your spot!

Submit Deposit $1500 Here

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Currently, we have spaces available for our 2024 retreat.


If you are ready to join us, to hold your spot, submit your deposit and a signed Insight Adventures waiver: CLICK HERE


*Deposits will not be accepted without a completed waiver.

*All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you are interested in finding out more about the trip, including cost and itinerary*, please visit the Contact Page.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or to hear a personal account of the trip. 

*NOTE: International Airfare IS NOT included in the price.

Where are we going next?


"Our trip was the perfect blend of adventure, spirituality and self-work. Jesse is an incredible leader and beautiful person, who held space for us and at the same time, was open and vulnerable with the group in a very inspiring way. Our group loved this trip so much, that we started organizing our next adventure with Jesse in the airport on the way home!       - Erika Bridges



Jesse Gros Headsot
M.A. Spiritual Psychology

Jesse Gros is a Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and leads a conscious Writers' Group, Wild Hearted.


Jesse is the author of "Wild Hearted- Life, Love, and Liberation,"  "The Freethinker's Guide to Coaching," "My Life Coach Wears a Tutu" and "Your Wild & Precious Life: Adventures in Conscious Creation." 


Jesse has been leading transformational retreats worldwide through his retreat and coaching company, Insight Adventures™, since 2009, and he has been teaching Pranayama breathwork for a decade.


He holds a Master's in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and is a Certified Life Coach, Breathwork Healer, and TED speaker coach.

To learn more about Pranayama Breathwork Meditations and the Wild Hearted™ Writers' Group, contact Jesse Gros directly.




Insight Adventures™

Los Angeles, CA 90292     


Submit Deposit $1500 Here

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For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

We will be in touch soon!

* Deposits are non-refundable.

* Program price includes lodging, food, in-country transport, workshops, and Machu Picchu.

* International Airfare is NOT included in the program price. 

* Inquire about current pricing and availability for this retreat.

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