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As a professional coach and workshop facilitator, for the past 15 years, I have guided teams and high-performing individuals through experiential learning processes designed to create deep personal alignment and move my clients from a primarily mental (often fear-based) competitive mindset to a more people-centric, heart-centered approach to leading. My work is based on the practices and principles of Spiritual Psychology, Mindfulness, Yoga, and 15 years of experience as a professional coach. 


One of the most common fears expressed by my clients is the fear of slowing down and losing their edge. They have relied on their intellect, courage, and tenacity to succeed but find themselves hitting the limits of that success strategy when it comes to personal relationships in the workplace. 

The truth is you can't be efficient with people. If you don’t slow down to do your own personal growth work to connect with yourself and others on a meaningful level, over time, you will lose something. And it may be more than your edge.

Currently, I work 1:1, with couples and Groups and with Corporate teams. The first conversation is always free, so let's chat and see what we can do together. 


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Tel: 858-228-7313

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