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Jesse Gros


Heart-Centered Leadership

As a professional coach and workshop facilitator, for the past 15 years, I have guided teams and high-performing individuals through experiential learning processes designed to create deep personal alignment and move my clients from a primarily mental (often fear-based) competitive mindset to a more people-centric, heart-centered approach to leading. My work is based on the practices and principles of Spiritual Psychology, Mindfulness, Yoga, and 15 years of experience as a professional coach. 


One of the most common fears expressed by my clients is the fear of slowing down and losing their edge. They have relied on their intellect, courage, and tenacity to succeed but find themselves hitting the limits of that success strategy when it comes to personal relationships in the workplace.

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The truth is: you can’t be efficient with people. If you don’t slow down to do your own personal growth work to connect with yourself and others on a meaningful level, over time you will lose something. And it may be more than your edge. 

About “Heart-Centered” Leadership


For some in the business world, this might sound a bit fluffy. 10 years ago, as a successful professional in the insurance industry, it would have sounded a bit soft to me as well. You might be asking yourself, how could learning to lead from my heart help me be a better leader? The question is: Would learning to lead from a place that leaves your employees feeling seen, valued, and intrinsically motivated be valuable to you? If the answer is yes, keep reading…


As my friend and former CEO of Mars Inc, Michael Murphy shared with me: 

“If I had known the value of this heart-centered approach to living and leading when I was at Mars, I would have recruited all of my employees from the graduating classes in Spiritual Psychology. This would have saved us millions of dollars in money lost from ineffective management and interpersonal challenges in our company.” 


More about me

During the 2008 recession, I walked away from a lucrative professional career in the insurance industry to follow my calling and create a thriving coaching and international retreat business, Insight Adventures. Since then, I've had the privilege of guiding personal growth retreats across the globe, including destinations such as Nepal, South America, Africa, and Mexico. Furthermore, I've had the honor of working with thousands of individuals over the past eight years, imparting the practice of Breathwork meditation in both corporate and private environments.

Upon completing my third book, I initiated the Wild Hearted™ Writer's Groups. These gatherings have garnered immense popularity and serve as a delightful avenue for explorers, companions, and creative minds to unlock their innermost thoughts and embark on the journey of writing together, surrounded by fellow dreamers and writers.



"Your Wild & Precious Life: Adventures in Conscious Creation" (Indie Reader's new author book of the year) 

"The Freethinker’s Guide to Coaching"

"My Life Coach Wears a Tutu"

"Wild Hearted™" - Out Now!



Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica

Certified Pranayama Breathwork Facilitator

MBI Professional Coaching Certified 

USM – Certified Soul-Centered Professional Facilitation 

UC San Diego- BA Psychology

Notable Corporate Clients:


Possible Worldwide 

Sage Goddess Inc. 

Green Valley Center 






Notable Personal and Professional Clients:

Oliver Stone - Film Director

Dr. Peter Attia – Attia Medical & Host of The Drive 

Brian Hunt – Creative Director/Principal, Huntlodge Creative 

Chris Brown – Executive Creative Director, Mill 

Shelley Honigbaum –  Creative Content Producer, Amazon Devices 

Therese Brown – Director, New Business Development, Asahi Kasei Ventures

Blair Souder – Director, Global Business, W.L. Gore 

Dr. David Sine – Sine Pediatrics 

Lynsey Dyer – Professional skier, Team Eddie Bauer 

John Halcyon – Web Celebrity/Coach, The Pink Path

David Peck – Director of Distribution,710 Labs 

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