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Wild Hearted™ is a supportive, playful, and provocative writer’s space where we free ourselves from personal critique and allow our innate gifts to shine. Through a process of breathwork, writing, and receiving uplifting feedback, we build our self-confidence, foster intimacy, and create a fertile environment to grow both as writers and people. 

“The writer by nature is a dreamer - a conscious dreamer."

-Carson McCullers

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Every week for eight weeks, we will gather in person or on Zoom. Through creative prompts and lots of loving and joyous support, together, we will move you through resistance to express your inner life with the pen.

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Wild Hearted™ is not about grammar or technique, but rather a creativity incubator designed to unlock inspiration, and support you in sharing your work in the world.

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Amber’s story 

Being a member of the group was a very special time for me and a potent group of women that I am still inspired by. I really appreciated what a safe space you created. 

After your group, I decided to take my desire to write a screenplay seriously. Over the summer, I submitted my script to the Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition. Of 11,500 submissions, I made it to the second round. Which I consider an accomplishment. But, what I’m most grateful for are people like you, who know what a vulnerable thing it is to share your work, and set out to honor, support and facilitate that sacred experience.

Sheri writes a book!

Being a member of Wild Hearted™ Writers’ inspired me to follow through on my dream of writing my own book!


Mick, back in the saddle...

My participation in Jesse’s writers’ group and breathwork classes created a foundation of creativity and support that got me over my imposter syndrome and gave me the confidence as an artist to jump back into my career as an actor and stunt coordinator. With new projects on the horizon, I am very excited about this coming season.

NEW for 2024!  Wild Hearted MEN'S GROUP:

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FAQs & Stuff:

But, I’m not a writer, can I still join?  

Astrid, one of our long-time members, confidently declared on our first day of class, “I just want you all to know I am not a writer!” Well, it did not take long to discover we had a very talented writer in our midst. Her work is featured throughout the new book: “Wild Hearted - Life, Love, and Liberation.”

The “Suck Pass” What if I don’t like what I have written? Do I still have to read it out loud?
If you aren’t feeling great about your words, you can ask for a “Suck Pass.” You still read,
but we all acknowledge your doubts and hesitation with kindness and humor. 

The group is open to all levels.
We have newbies, authors, and everyone in between. 

Join us:

Mondays 6:00 - 8:00 pm (For Men Only)

Tuesday 10:30 am - 1:00 pm (FULL)
Tuesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm 
Wednesday 11:30 am - 2:00 pm 

Tuition: $525 (8 weeks)

*Come try out a single class for FREE.


Check out our new book!

An intimate and provocative collection of works from our members!

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